Replacement costs or valuation estimates have traditionally been provided by building appraisers. However, it is our experience that while appraisers are well equipped to provide market value evaluations their replacement cost valuations are less accurate. Our replacement cost estimates are similar to our cost planning estimates and are used for insurance purposes such as establishing required coverage and replacement after fire or other misfortune. In addition, they are also used for building permit applications.

  • Meadowlands Golf Club, Chilliwack, BC - fire damage repair cost estimate >
  • 5664 Lancaster Vancouver, BC, Street, Single family home - fire damage repair cost estimate
  • Carolynn Mines, Hope, BC - repair cost estimate on collapsed building and replacement cost evaluation on balance of facility.
  • Station Square, Burnaby, BC - Roof Failure - cost estimate for work covered by policy.
  • Brentwood Lanes, Roof Failure, Burnaby, BC - review of costs incurred to repair facility.
  • Gold River Inn, Gold River, BC, Fire Damage - repair & replacement cost estimate
  • Industrial Facility Surrey, BC, Total Fire Loss, - replacement Cost Estimate
  • Apartment Complex - Langley, BC, review of alleged costs to repair and replace fire damaged building.
  • Residential Foundation, Pitt Meadows, BC, Soils Consultant Liability, Estimate of demolition and replacement cost.
  • Girl Guides of Canada - Camp Olave, Galalina Site, replacement cost estimate for insurance purposes.
  • Hope Bay Store, Pender Island, Fire damage, replacement cost estimate.
  • Industrial, manufacturing complex, Langley BC
  • Multi-tenant Commercial Building, Vancouver, BC
  • Industrial Process Complex, Richmond, BC
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