While most projects are governed by contracts that clearly define the cost of the work, some may require further review to arrive at an agreed reasonable cost for part or all of the work. In these cases we work with both parties to reach this conclusion using our expertise in the industry as well as by reviewing the costs that may be documented. Our work in this regard differs from that of an accountant as we not only look at costs supported by invoice, and purchase order or contract, but also at the reasonableness of the quantities of materials and the need for a particular material or item to be used in executing the work. Some of the projects we have assisted on are:

  • Renovations to the Nancy Greene Lodge & Crystal Lodge, Whistler, BC
  • Whistler Mountain Gondola, Whistler, BC
  • The Dolphins, 16 storey high-rise condominium, Kelowna, BC
  • The Lagoons, 17 storey high-rise condominiums, three storey townhouses and above grade parking structure, integrated development, Kelowna, BC
In addition to the above, much of our work for legal counsel has involved review and analysis of costs incurred, both for the preparation of claims and in defence of claims.
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