Unlike proceeding at court, Arbitration is by agreement. This agreement may occur either at the time of contract or later at the time of dispute. Arbitration is a speedier, more economical and less confrontational method of resolving construction and other disputes and can take place while the work is underway. The procedure is governed by the Rules of Procedure of the British Columbia Arbitration and Mediation Institute or those of the British Columbia International Commercial Arbitration Centre, depending on the value of the dispute and the wishes of the parties. The principal has participated in both domestic and international arbitrations. He has acted both as the arbitrator, and as the representative or presenter for one of the parties to the arbitration.

Some arbitrations we have been involved with are:

i. as Sole Arbitrator:Approximate Value
 Medical Equipment Supply$ 250,000
 Structural Steel revisions$ 25,000
 Hotel Renovation Cost overruns$ 1,500,000
 Determination of Cash Value of written off motor vehicles - ICBC$5,000 to $20,000
 South Delta Recreation Centre, Scope of the Masonry Work, Change Orders$ 30,000
 Single Family Residence - Contract Changes & Cost to Correct Deficient Work$100,000
 Cost and Quantity of Lumber supplied to 2 single family homes$20,000
 Claimed Extra Costs on Commercial / Residential Building$1,000,000
ii. as Advocate of a party to the Arbitration 
 Residential/Commercial development delay claims$ 7,500,000
 Structural floor system - misrepresentation, cost overruns$ 500,000
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