When problems have been encountered, we work closely with the client and their legal counsel to review possible solutions. We have provided reports on construction claims for use by legal counsel in negotiating settlements. Some topics covered in our reports include:

  • construction deficiencies and the cost to correct these deficiencies, >
  • costs of construction and delay claims,
  • analysis of claims for defence purposes,
  • evaluation of work in place to establish final payment on contract cancellation,
  • evaluation of proposed upgrade costs, and others.
Some of the firms and legal counsel we have worked with are:
Boughton, Peterson, Yang, Anderson
        James Coady, Catherine Romenchko

Bull Housser & Tupper
        John Haythorne, Robert Hunter,
        Karen Martin, David Garner,
        Lyle Braaten

Clark Wilson
       Pat Taylor, Allyson Baker, Doug Lehay
       John. Mendes, John Fiddick,

Davis & Company
       Peter Voith, Blair Shaw

Dorman Baird Bernadino Baker & Baker
       Carlos Bernadino, R.. Nairne

Feller Drysdale
       H.D. Feller

Fraser Quinlan & Abrioux
       Grant L. Ritchie

Guild Yule Sullivan Yule Truscott & Slivinski
       Paul W. Walker, Virginia Guile

Harper Grey Easton
       Bryan G. Baynham

Laxton & Co.
       M. McMillan, Valerie Fuller

Langdon Lacroix Toews
       Micheal A. Cserpes, Grant Langdon

Lindsay Kenny
       Greg Miller

McCarthy Tetrault
       Scott Griffin

MacLeod, Thorsen Darychuck
       J. Macleod

McEwan Harrison
       E. Sigurd Ruud

Morelli Chertkow Lawyers
       Robert W. McDiarmid

Oliver & Co.
       Mary Brunton

Owen Bird
       James Hall, Gretchen H. Cleveland

Ray Connell
       Stephen Cheng

Richards Buell Sutton
       D. Bruce Gleig, George Roiter

Russell & DuMoulin
       Marina Pratchet, Helen Low

Singleton Urquhart MacDonald
       Glenn Urquhart, Andrew Epstein,
       Robert Hodgins, Mindy Jong, Dale Pope

Tupper Johnson & Shroff
       Hoshang Shroff
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