To maintain our independent and objective role we do not work for contingent or percentage fees.

We understand that cost control and efficiency are important to our clients. While our fees vary with the nature and complexity of the problem and the skill and expertise required, we strive to deliver our services in as timely and cost efficient manner as possible.

We like to discuss fees with our clients at the beginning of an engagement and are happy to provide an approximate estimate of the projected costs and to review them as the matter progresses.

In addition to our hourly charges there are costs that we incur in doing the work and these are also charged as a cost of the service provided.

Goods and Services Tax will to all Fees and Disbursements

Our corporate policy is to require a retainer against fees and disbursements. This retainer is applied against and adjusted for on the final invoice. The amount of the retainer varies with the estimated total fees and disbursements.

Terms & Conditions; unless otherwise agreed the following terms and conditions apply.

Accounts are due and payable in full as at the date of invoice. Interest will be charged and payable on any unpaid balance commencing 10 days after the invoice date at the rate of 1.5% per month (19.6% per annum) with partial payments firstly being applied in payment of interest.
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